Day Trip Activities in Athens, Ga

 Athens, Georgia is quite a place to visit. About 90 minutes from Downtown Atlanta, with activities for adults and children alike, everyone is sure to enjoy themselves in this gem of a city.




Bear Hollow Zoo – When you think of a zoo, what comes to mind? Well, here in Athens, there is a zoo with some very special residents. The Bear Hollow Zoo is home to non-releasable animals. What that means is that the animals have gone through an event or injury, of which they have not fully overcome. Thus, making it impossible for them to return to their natural habitat. Admission is free and on Saturdays (and some Sundays) the reptile exhibit opens to the public.


Outdoor Exploration


Sandy Creek Nature Center – Hike on a trail, walk in a creek or snuggle up to a box turtle. If exploring 4 miles of trails through 225 acres of both woodlands and wetlands peaks your interest, then Sandy Creek Nature Center is the place to be! Admission is free with some classes and special events requiring program fees.


Botanical Gardens – Just a short drive from downtown Athens will land you at the Botanical Gardens where you will find 11 Botanical and Horticultural collections along 5 miles of nature trails. For a more detailed experience, booking a tour online is super easy. There’s a really nice gift shop with all things gardening and then there’s Donderos’ kitchen located upstairs from the main conservatory – everything is made from scratch every day!


Spa & Relaxation


Foot Palace Day Spa Allow experienced hands to take you to a state of tranquility, while shedding the stress, aches and pains of all the hiking you just did. Some of the benefits of their reflexology massage include; nervous system stimulation, speeds up healing, relaxation. This spa is health focused, as all oils, lotions and salts are made from natural plant-based ingredients, which offer an authentic aromatherapy. Easily book an appointment on their website or call the Athens spa at (706) 521-5290.

Photo Credit: Guide 2 Athens website




Last Resort Grill – Offering modern southern cooking, the Last Resort Grill is a fantastic place to fill the tank with some serious comfort food. Try the strugglesville shrimp pasta! Servings are well portioned and very much worth their prices.


Mama’s Boy Restaurant – This is the stop for breakfast and lunch! Serving southern staples with a modern twist. Their biscuits with house made jams are incredible and the fried chicken combo is definitely a must.


Art and culture


Georgia Museum of Art – In a contemporary 79,000 square foot building on the East campus of the University of Georgia, you will find the permanent art collection - which began as a meager 100 piece collection in 1948. Today, the museum is the Official Art Museum of Georgia and offers many programed activities for the public. Make sure to take a stroll through the sculpture garden as well.

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Terrapin Beer Company – Since 2002, something delicious has been brewing in Athens… You guessed it, beer! Terrapin offers a wide variety (with wild names) of award winning beer. Take the tour, taste the beer and wind it all down at the gift shop. This is a great addition to any itinerary.


Athens Georgia is a city with culture, food, and a wide variety of activities. Next time you’re in Georgia, remember Athens is less than two hours away. So hop in the car and enjoy these attractions.


Break free from that cubical - Live for Experiences

Life moves very fast and we don’t realise when the best time of our life passes. We all have a bucket list we want to complete in our life, for that we start running after money and completely forget about it. Let us take time for ourselves, escape from that cubical job and do what makes us happy. Nothing is more inspiring and energizing than travelling. Let’s be honest, we all have that travelling thing in our bucket list. We always postpone it, giving ourselves the lamest excuses like we don’t have enough money, do not have enough time, have lots of responsibilities, can’t go alone etc. Travelling is like food for soul, when we travel to new places we not only meet new people but also experience something never felt before.


For this everlasting experience take a trip to Indonesia, the city of natural beauty and enriched culture. One thing you will never forget about Indonesia is the warmth and kindness of this country. Everything here is wonderful, be it the food, its flora and fauna, historical places, festivals, culture, people and top of it the adventure sports. You can find here, crowded places like its beaches in Bali, city of Jakarta, Komodo Island and lots more, on the other hand there are quiet places such as Lake Maninjua, Lombok Island, Raja Ampat etc. This country is a proper harmony of peace and thrill which is hard to express in words. It’s time to pack those travel bags, bought years ago and go to Indonesia for a life changing experience.


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Indonesia - Waiting to give you a whole New Experience


Stop envying your friends who post their vacation pictures on Facebook and Instagram. Admit it we all have that friend who posts lot of pictures of their exotic vacation and make everyone jealous and here we are sitting in our office doing our 9 to 5 job and scrolling through the pictures. We all hate the feeling of not having an escape. Take holiday and escape in the world of amazement and serenity of Indonesia. Indonesia is a group of islands between Pacific and Indian Ocean. Since it is surrounded by water, its natural beauty is incomparable and not only that you will also find most developed and high tech cities like Jakarta and Bali.


There are lots of things to experience and show off in Indonesia. The calmness of beaches and pleasure of doing water sports and seeing others do it, is something you don’t get to see everywhere. Plan with your friends or your family or take this trip alone, you will never regret visiting the country so full of colours, cultures and friendly people. Time will always be short, better to use it to enrich the soul and mind. I hope my experience shared on my website will inspire you to take that memorable journey of your life.